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Construction Industry Institute India

Our precursor Construction Industry Improvement Initiative India - Ci3 India was launched in October 2015 to accelerate the needed transformation to address critical industry issues. This initiative was launched by IIT Madras with a core group of major construction industry clients and a few other academics from other institutions. The T.N. Subba Rao Brigade Group Adjunct Chair Professorship at IIT Madras from Feb. 2015 to Feb. 2017, was a major driver in conceiving and developing this initiative.

The ‘First Regional Ci3 India Clients’ Roundtable’ in Oct. 2015, helped identify a set of critical issues. These issues were revisited, expanded and verified at the ‘Ci3 India Developers’ Roundtable’ in Mumbai in Feb. 2016. Seven ‘Action Teams’ were mobilised in March 2016 to address the identified critical issues. Working Papers were presented by these Action Teams at a Ci3 India Consultants Roundtable and next, a Ci3 India Clients' - Consultants' Consolidation Roundtable, both held in October 2016. Given the deep needs and strong support, it was decided to set up the Construction Industry Institute India (Ci3) that would be the logical successor to move forward with the above initiative launched via Ci3 India (Construction Industry Improvement Initiative India). Ci3 is expected to develop and drive meaningful and sustainable construction industry improvements by for example, actively involving appropriate major stakeholders in producing and disseminating White Papers for revitalising the industry, as well as launching ‘demonstration projects’ and ‘system improvement initiatives’ that will effectively address the identified critical industry issues, hence empowering meaningful and sustainable industry improvements.

Objectives of Ci3


To identify current and imminent critical issues in the Construction Industry in India.


To compile a Roadmap for industry improvements in strategic high (& wide) impact domains.


To launch (a) system improvement initiatives and (b) demonstration projects, in prioritized focus areas within the above strategic domains

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