Ci3 India Developers Roundtable

February 23rd, 2016 | Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

The second event of Ci3 India “Ci3 India Developers’ Roundtable” was held in Mumbai at Hotel Taj Lands End on 23 February, 2016.

Mr. S. Mahalingam (Former CFO, Tata Consultancy Services) chaired the meeting with Mr. Sanjay Ubale, (Managing Director, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited) leading the discussion by the industry representatives. Prof. Mohan Kumaraswamy and Prof. K.N. Satyanarayana from IIT Madras facilitated the discussions on ‘Construction Industry Improvement Initiative’ India (Ci3 India). The participants for the roundtable were large construction developers in and around the Mumbai region.

The basic objective of the event was to consider the business case for moving over to holistic cost-efficient and time- efficient construction paradigms, i.e. moving away from the current disparate thrusts for individual stakeholder optimization, rather than wider and longer-term building construction industry eco system value maximization.

The group deliberated extensively on various priority items that could be pursued under Ci3 India. A preliminary 10 point Action Plan was developed soon after this event, based on the collective thrusts that were highlighted at the Roundtable. This Action Plan is to be developed and initiated by a focus group that was identified for this purpose. The event program, photos and presentations are shared for reference and any suggestions or feedback.