Ci3 India Clients' - Consultants' Consolidation Roundtable

October 19th, 2016 | IIT Madras, Chennai.

The first two Ci3 India Roundtables in Oct. 2015 in Chennai and in Feb. 2016 in Mumbai brought together large Clients to identify critical issues in the Indian construction industry. Seven Action Teams were then formed to firm up and start addressing these issues. The interim outputs from the Action Teams were presented to a cross-section of Design and Project Management Consultants at the Consultants Roundtable on 18 Oct. 2016. Therefore, as implied in the caption, this Clients' - Consultants' Consolidation Roundtable was arranged to consolidate the feedback with the interim outputs of the Action Teams.

Specifically, this ‘Consolidation’ Roundtable was set up for:

  1. Sharing, discussing and developing the interim outputs of each Action Team with a larger forum including both Consultants and Clients.
  2. Joint brainstorming and deciding the best ways to finalize, disseminate and implement Ci3 India final outcomes and recommendations.